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The industrial property right including invention, utility model, design as the outcome of intellectual activity of mankind and trademark which is embodied to one`s business through economic activity has fairly contributed to development of human society.

Under highly developed industrial economic society, the industrial property right is getting more and more important and emphasized, and it is quite certain that such right will lay a cornerstone of prosperity of enterprises and economic growth of a nation through positive acquisition of rights and wise application.

If you say `Necessity is the mother of invention.`, it would be said that `The inventor is the father of invention`. Therefore, it is the patent attorney who plays a crucial role in assisting the birth of industrial property right and maintaining a sound growth of both individuals and enterprises.

In order to meet the expectations of individuals and enterprises, dreaming the birth of new life and seeking their dreams, we have competent patent agents well versed in each fields of technology, law, and language, respectively. We are also equipped with the latest office environment and aiming to develop to an organic unit coinciding with new times through powerful synergy effect generated from our assets.

We would like to pursue our firm`s foundation motto, the world peace and happiness of all mankind through further success of both individuals and enterprises



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